About us

This unique marriage platform YOLO Dream Partner is for people who value, respect and have faith in the institution of marriage. YOLO stands for You Only Live Once; Well…so why not live it up with your Dream Partner? If you are respectful, sincere, committed and want to settle down with someone who compliments you and completes all that you stand for; if you feel that life is too dull and insipid without someone worthy of sharing it with; if you are a YOLO who focuses on positives, appreciates goodness, keen to allay your partner’s fears and freed from the baggages of the past; and if you are single - unmarried, divorced, widowed, then this is the place you might be in.

Join us. Here, you have fair chances to find your soul-mate or dream partner to spend rest of your life blissfully with. We have thorough screening procedures and policies in place for diligent enrolment of members.

THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE OR A PLACE TO FIND CHEAP FUN & AND THE REST If you are not serious about getting married or want to chase any less noble intentions, kindly keep off us.

We are looking forward to enshrine a very understanding, responsible, mature and caring environment that nurture healthy relationships. We will arrange get- togethers where people meet & chat over picnics, musical events, luncheons, dinners and get into the most healthy friendship and partnership called 'Marriage'.