1. Who can join this group?
a. Anyone who is never married.
b. Anyone who is legally single (divorced, anulled, widowed).
c. Anyone who's legal divorce is pending can join the Red Band of YOLO. This is strictly paid membership.
d. You strictly CAN NOT join if you have just got separated and have not applied for legal divorce.

2. How is it different from other matrimonial or dating sites?
a. We verify each member with documentary proofs – Passport/PAN/Adhar/DL/Divorce Decree.
b. We personally call each member on mobile number registered with us to crosscheck.
c. We organize face to face YOLO Hamsafar meet up events in a  safe, popupar places in an interactive manner.
d. We understand that marriage decision is not coking an instant 2-minute noodles; therefore we provide options of adding eligible friends to your YOLO account friend list. You may get to know each other & meet during  our events. You also have the option of un-friending a person from your list should it be required.

All these ensure  keeping fake personalities away and let you have real time friendships.
e. We ensure that multiple advanced search options are available to you so that you can spot your most compatible life partner from amongst thousands of our members.
d. We have shared passion clubs where people of same passion come together and interact.
e. We organise life-changing Self Growth Workshops to energize your mind, body, soul & spirit.

3. How do I become a member?
Click on "Register”at any point on the Home Page.
A form will appear that you need to fill with all information asked for, upload a govt. photo id of yours - Passport/PAN/Adhar/DL

4. Then what?
If asked for by the YOLO team you will be required to submit scanned copy of any additional verification document
 If you are legally divorced it is mandatory to send across your divorce decree copy on the email id verification@yolohamsafar.com
Once you submit these details,  we will call you for a brief chat and thereafter activate your profile. Now you can visit the members area with your log in id and password (that you created at the time of form submission

5. Why will we review your profile? Why can't you get activated profile instantly like all other sites?
We believe in QUALITY and SAFETY. We know this site is a blessing to many people and some of you would even  exclaim that ‘your prayers are answered here’ so we want to keep it a honest platform. We expect our members to be fair in their dealings with us and fellow-members.
Just like yours, everybody else's profile too gets a look over before they can join up. After all, we are sure you all want like-minded people on the site?
This intense review is the reason why it takes one week for you to get membership.

6. Can I invite my other single friends to join the site?
Yes you can. Please forward website link to all your eligible friends.

7. Do I have to pay anything while joining?
Joining is free on the BASIC MEMBER LEVEL (Free Member seal will be put on your profile) but there are other PAID levels like SILVER, GOLD, DIAMOND, PLATINUM, TILL-U-MARRY AND most sought after plan - YOLO ELITE. kindly check the SUBSCRIPTION PLANS TABLE on every page including the home page 'Register' tab.
Also you pay for the events. Depending on the event, the prices vary. But the costs are neither rock bottom nor back-breaking.

8. Your profile has been approved. Now what?
Go ahead and smarten up your profile. Let all the single's out there know exactly how cool and eligible you are.  Browse the site, see all the other members profiles, see all the previous events photographs, message people, receive messages from us, get invited to exclusive events and let the fun begin.

9. Can I hide my telephone number, photo etc?
Yes you can. Just go to your profile settings and select the appropriate options.

10. How do I know about the events?
Check your email, your messages or see the site regularly. The events will be featured there with all the details regarding place, costs, date etc.

11.Do I have to pay for each event?
Yes you have to most of the times.

12. Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, you can pay by credit card/debit card & net banking at any time.

13. What if I can't make it for an event?
Well, you'll miss out on all the fun. You are free to choose which events you wish to attend.

14. What happens at the events?
The events are fun-filled settings such as coffee meets, parties, brunches, picnics, workshops in/out of town etc. Everyone here is a single. So, we would set it up for you. Now its up to you to make most of it.

15. But if you are hesitant and not comfortable walking up to a complete stranger and initiating a chat then what do you do?
In that case, please feel free to walk up to anybody from YOLO Dream Partners team and we will gladly introduce you to your prospective friend and make you comfortable. But remember there's only so much we can do. Taking the conversation forward, asking them out on a formal date or just exchanging numbers is totally upto you.
Think of the entire experience like going to a friend's party where you meet other single like-minded people.

16. What am I not allowed to do?
- You are not allowed to use nick-names or fake names. We would like to address you with the name mentioned on your birth/class 10th certificate.
- It is mandatory to put up an actual photograph.
- Please do not send any abusive/ unsavoury remarks to any member online
or at any of the events.
- We will not provide you with personal information of people you are interested in. We will organise the event where you can meet them and figure it out yourself.

- We will however organize special one on one meets YOLO ELITE MEMBERS. This is in person assistance. However we will ensure that information filled by member matches his/her documented proofs.
- But at the end of the day every decision is your own so kindly use your own discretion and you alone will be responsible for it.  YOLO Hamsafar is not accountable for any outcome.
- It is important to understand that YOLO Hamsafar is ONLY A PLATFORM to meet people.
- Any indecent behaviour is liable to get your membership terminated without any refund of the remaining period.
- Please stay within the legal boundaries of the Republic of India. Drugs, weapons and unsavoury or illegal business of any kind is strictly prohibited.
- If you are reported against by other members, we will investigate the matter and hold the right to ban you from the group.
- Go through the entire "terms and conditions" properly before you sign  up.