Why Join YOLO

YOLO Hamsafar is a unique new age marriage platform;

Unlike traditional Matrimony Sites:

  • We thoroughly verify each applicant via documents like ‘Passport’ AND ‘PAN Card’/Adhaar‘/DL’; AND ‘divorce decree’ (wherever applicable) before issuing active membership status; joining us is truly a safe decision.
  • We personally talk with each applicant on his/her registered mobile number to be doubly assured before issuing a membership.
  • We have Shared Passion Groups like Spiritually Inclined, Dance lovers, Shayari Fans, Travel Bugs, Coffee Addicts, Book Maggots, Movie Buffs, Atheists & Free Thinking. Great interaction & friendship is in store; culminating into beautiful bond.
  • We organise regular Face to Face Meet Up Events. These events offer a great chance to meet maximum number of eligible n interested men and women in a light & friendly yet safe environment.
  • We organise life-changing Self Growth Workshops on topics like How to attract your soul-mate, Law of attraction, Personality development; Effective communication; Enhance your convincing skills/ impress your partner through NLP (applied neuro-linguistic programming); Energy readings; Energy healings; Know your life purpose; Invoke your Divine Guides n Romance angels; Meditation & Relaxation techniques; Work-Life Balance and many more. The workshops are delivered by trained/certified Experts.
  • We have multiple search options to spot your most compatible life partner.
  • We offer options to peek into your prospective partner’s Face Book & LinkedIn profiles.