Shared Passions

1. Spiritually Inclined

A faith to cling onto can bring you a happy family to return. Explore the ways of the God, the mind and the matter. And who knows, the Almighty knows the best.

2. Dance lovers

Shake your legs and, shape your romance. Perhaps each step together tells you something new about your partner. Rock it, get it right.

3. Travel Bugs

Explore the world. The lust for the unknown and quest for finding new meaning of the known. Travel can make you a better person. And travelling together with your soul mate can make you feel the heaven on earth

4. Shayari Fans

Words can take hearts away. The sound of synced poetry, the sher-o-shayari, the creative heart-touching expressions, written & recited can bring in bliss of togetherness. So why wait, just hum in and start a new journey

5. Coffee Addicts

Smell the brew. And feel the way it lifts you up. Having a cuppa together can mean a lot, an ideal way to know how it is to be together

6. Movie Buffs

Love the drama,romance,thrill,action? Watching a movie together can be a huge adrenaline rush. It is all about giggling over that buttery popcorn, watching your favourite stars, unfold that dreamy magical life carpet. Be there.

7. Book Maggots

A lot can happen over sharing thoughts over the author you love or love to hate. Books both seduce and educate. Be it as they are, but sharing it with a special person makes it all the more beautiful.

8. Atheists & Free Thinking

The absence of evidence may or may not be the evidence of absence. But finding a partner who treads the world of reason and free will, just like you, can be sheer joy.